★ Refunds

► 100% reship or 50% refund.

In the very unlikely event that your package doesn’t arrive successfully after having ACCURATE shipping information, we will offer a refund of 50%, or a full re-ship. This is when a package has made it to a certain point but suddenly stops updating after two weeks of movement. Usually EMS knows that a package is lost and tracking generally reflects that.

If you opt for a refund you get 50% of what you paid in BTC! So if you paid 1, you get 0.5.

We’re not hedging BTC value!

► NO refund/reship if your tracking info shows the following:

– “Undeliverable As Addressed” – We make it very clear that you must use ACCURATE shipping info for your goods to arrive. When this is shown, it is clear that you didn’t provide us with 100% accurate information. Your PGP address is copy/pasted exactly as it is sent to us.

– “Out for Delivery” – If your package remains in this status for more than a day you should contact your local post office and see if they have any packages for you there, or check with your local postman to see if he can update tracking status. This status usually just means that the postman did not send over the data for the package, or his scanner is not working properly, but generally always results in a successful delivery even if tracking has not been updated.

It is the customer’s responsibility to ensure our products are legal in their jurisdiction before ordering. However, we will reship all orders shipped by a tracked service that are lost or improperly seized by customs subject to the terms and conditions below

  1. The customer must provide the correct shipping name and address. We will not reship if an error is made in the address provided by the customer.
  2. The customer must ensure they follow the tracking status and are available to sign for the package. If the package is returned because it was not collected from the post office in time, we will not reship.
  3. If a package looks like it has been lost or seized, we will wait 2 weeks before reshipping. The customer must also provide a new address for the reship.
  4. We will provide one full reship only. If the package is lost or seized again, we will not reship.