Kamud Drugs is a manufacturer, supplier and exporter of bulk actives, intermediates, pharmaceutical and research chemicals. Quality and Reliability are key words for all of us at Kamud and this has resulted in an excellent relationship with all our clients based on trust.

Ever since its development in the 90’s our company has devoted itself in the manufacture of Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients and intermediates. Quality and Reliability are key words for all of us at KAMUD & that has resulted in excellent relationship with all our customers based on trust.

Being known since then ,as the largest producer of ALPRAZOLAM POWDER, ETIZOLAM POWDER, KETAMINE CRYSTALS/POWDER, PSEUDOEPHEDRINE, EPHEDRINE, TRAMADOL and BENZHYDROL (Intermediate for several API’s including Cinnarizine, Modafinil, Ebastine) in India, KAMUD now offers a range of Anti-histamines, Hypnotics/Sedatives, Anaesthetics, Analgesics and other API’s.

We also stock a wide range of research chemicals, CMC, apvp, hexen, Mphp, Mexedrone, Dibutylone, TH PVP crystal, FU-AMB, 4-EMC, BK-MDMA, 4-CEC, 4-CPRC, U-48800, U-49900, U-45500, MMBC, 2NMC, 4NMC, 2-A1MP, NM2201, 5F-MMB-2201, BK-EPDP, 4MPD, 4C-PVP, 4FPHP, 2FDCK, HDCK, MAF (Methoxy acetyl fentanyl), BUFF, TIMFUF, 4-FIBF, R-30490, HMAMD, JWH 018, JWH 133, FLUBROZOLAM, CLONAZOLAM.  We have a rich network of partners in pharmachemical industry and we can get any research chemical or custom synthesis it.

Keeping the long term vision of growth in the pharma sector, we have always strived to take steps ensuring that our contribution to the industry only increases with time.

When you place an order with us you get what you pay for, our quality is unparalleled compared to other manufacturers. With other manufacturers you could spend more or less, but their quality is not comparable to ours – we ask that you GC/MS test so that you can decide, we are in a league of our own.

In addition to ordering with us, you will receive the highest standard of customer service one could ask for. Something that is a rarity on the internet as some of you may know all too well from doing business with other vendors. If you have a question we are usually around to answer them, you will hear back from us within 24 hours. We make it a point to check messages diligently everyday, throughout the day, and answer any questions or concerns you might have in a timely and professional manner.

As always, you can expect nothing less than premium pharmaceutical grade quality at the best possible price! We will not even consider carrying sub par products that other manufacturers sometimes carry. When dealing with us you can expect > 99% purity, we encourage you to GC/MS test our products so you may place more orders in the future with complete confidence, knowing that your money was well spent.