Q: I placed my order 4 days ago and my package didn’t arrive yet, where is it?
A: It’s on the way, we do not control the mail and don’t work at the post office.

Q: Some people are getting there goods in 5 days and I’ve been waiting 7 days where is it?
A: We do not work at the post office, sometimes mail takes longer than usual.

Q: What if package is seized by customs?
A: Our packaging is 100% discreet and all packages pass customs. However, in the event, of a seizure we will reship or refund.

Q: Isn’t it illegal to buy scheduled substances on line?
A: All products are provided for research purposes. It suffices to show that you are part of a research team to order from us.

Q: Do you accept other payment methods?
A: Bitcoin, Money Transfer


► If you have any questions or concerns, or if you want to inquire about bulk ordering, you can contact us directly by using PGP. We answer every message that calls for a response. We make it our mission to provide you with premium grade products, with the best customer service. We treat you as we ourselves would want to be treated. So you can expect us to be 100% honest with you, provide you with exactly what we advertise, and follow through with our commitment to you to always ship in a very timely manner.