★ Ordering

► From the time you place your order to when it is shipped usually occurs within 24-48 hours, generally but could take longer depending on product availability. From there the package is in the hands of EMS and ideally takes 7-14 business days depending on them, and if there is any adverse weather, or holidays. We ship packages first class and we get orders out everyday, we do not provide any other shipping option for our own self preservation/protection in order to stay in business. First Class shipping in our experience has been working out smoothly since we started doing business, packages arrive in a timely manner, and our operational security has remained in tact. In cases as far as slow shipping times, your package is shipped when we mark it shipped – meaning it is in the blue mailbox on the side of the road, from there it is out of our hands for it to move any faster than it is to you. EMS is unpredictable at times so it may arrive in 5 business day or 14 business days, or anywhere in between.

★ Payment

We do understand that some people may be weary of purchase due to the percentage of dishonest vendors on the internet. We understand this as buyers ourselves, and we sympathize with you 100%. It is more profitable and practical to keep prices moderate, product flowing, and customers happy, leading to a long term business relationship that everybody benefits from.

★ Packaging

► The item(s) will be vacuum packed, wiped using rubbing alcohol and packaged within at least 1 MBB bag.

Every aspect of handling the contents of the package from packing to shipping is performed to withstand forensic analysis and you will receive a professional package with adequate stealth for domestic shipments.

★ Anonymity

► We respect your anonymity the same as our own. After sending your goods out all customer information is destroyed. We do keep track of orders through zip codes and abbreviations, in case you inquire about tracking after 14 days has passed.

★ Shipping times ✈

► Expect your item to arrive within 2 business weeks, 14 business days from the date that the order is confirmed.

► Sometimes there are expected delays caused by adverse weather, or holidays, this is something nobody can avoid. So please just be patient.

► If the items are shipped out, everything is out of my control and it is up to EMS to get them delivered.

★ Problems

► In the unlikely event that something is wrong, before leaving us a bad rating please reach out to us and let us know so that we can work with you to resolve any concerns that may arise.

► We consistently aim and always hit our mark to provide 5★ service and products to all our customers.